About Kyndal

“Kyndal May has such a passion for the work she does…it’s contagious!”

Once my youngest son asked me, “Mom, if you could do your dream job, what would you do?”

The answer was immediate and simple. I told him… “I AM doing my dream job!”

It’s true. And what I love most about it is that I don’t feel like I chose to do this job. Instead, this “work” I do… chose me.

I became a birth doula because the first time I ever heard a mother really talk about her birth, she spoke mostly of what she needed to be different in her next one and when I found out I could make a difference… I had to share it.

I became a childbirth educator because I witnessed the possibility of great transformation and love available to the family through childbirth and when I realized I had a unique way to help couples get there… I had to share it.

I created Confident Birthing because my experience as doula showed me it is essential to prepare expectant parents not only for the birth of their dreams but whatever their birth might bring.

I began training birth doulas because care providers asked me to share what I knew and I began licensing my curriculum platform because doulas in other states wanted to teach a unique childbirth class that worked.

The reality is that I do what I do … because birth matters… and because I have to share it. So, despite the title of this page … this work that chose me isn’t about me.

It’s about YOU.

I love providing birth doula services, teaching childbirth classes, giving prenatal massages and offering birth photography,  What can I share with you?  Kyndal’s Virtual Resume