Become a Doula


Become a Doula

If you’d like to register for the a Baby Bump Services DONA International Birth Doula Workshop, go the online registration page.

In 1995, I attended my first DONA birth doula training and a fascination with women’s birth choices soon became a life-long commitment to empower families during this uniquely intense and joyful time of life. Since then, what has moved and motivated me year after year, is the process of discovery.

The discovery of vulnerability that does not define or limit but moves a couple towards each other or a woman towards her self; the discovery of doubt, then information and knowledge; the discovery of fear, then trust and courage to move forward; the discovery of personal values and priorities, then the voice to honor and achieve them; the discovery of the need for support and relationship and the community that sustains it.

This dance of discovery does not happen only to the birthing woman and her family. It is also the experience of the doula.

Every opportunity of discovery and growth available to the family is available to the doula and informs who she is and who she can become. If you had told me, in 1995, how becoming a DONA doula would impact my life, and how meaningful each discovery would be, how each would weave a new color and texture into the fabric of the doula (and the woman) I am now, I would not have been able to wrap my mind around it.

And here I am…still dancing…still discovering. It is this beautiful dance of discovery that I hope to help new doulas experience, celebrate and share with each other and with the families and communities we serve.

Would you like to join the dance?