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This workshop was the best… I came away so empowered. The workshop was rich in role-play and hands-on learning… I loved that it was not as much lecture and we had the opportunity to learn and practice our skills/tools. As a doula trainer/mentor, Kyndal is at her best. She takes every opportunity to teach a skill or guide. Her encouragement and support have been pivotal to any success I have as a doula. I appreciate her enthusiasm to find women interested in becoming doulas and going the extra mile to teach and support those women.

Sheila Taylor

The conversations and dynamic within this group has changed my life and it would not have been possible without Kyndal’s guidance, insight and passion. The segment on communication could change the world!

Katie McDowell, R. N.

This training exceeded my expectations by miles! I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in becoming a doula. Each of Kyndal’s chosen materials tied into what she was teaching and induced thought even after we moved onto another subject.

~ Juliana Donovan

Kyndal shows caring to each student while attending the individual and group needs. (The workshop) exceeded my expectations… it completely changed how I think I about people in general, not just birth.

~ Jennifer Wulf, R. N.

This workshop went so far beyond my expectations. I came with the idea of becoming more prepared to act as a doula, but as the training progressed, I began to see that a doula is so much more than “labor support”. Kyndal showed us how we will “hold the space” emotionally as well as physically, that we will not just “act” as doulas, but we will “be” as doulas and this changed my perception of the doula and of my life. Another thing that surprised me was the connection between the other women in the group. I felt so supported and loved by everyone in the group and the sisterhood that grew was so beautiful. This was a doula training that blew me out of the water emotionally and also prepared me practically to start BEING a doula.

~ Suzy Campbell

I just wanted to thank you so much for letting me attend your child birthing classes. WOW, you are an incredible teacher, your enthusiasm and passion for what you do is very visible in each and every class you taught. You have a way of capturing people with your energy level and enthusiasm for the whole child birth experience.

~ Kindal B., doula

Did the workshop meet my expectations? It blew them out of the water!! It was great. Kyndal fostered a very safe learning environment, making our questions and concerns a priority. She is a very nurturing woman, and was careful to communicate and foster respect. I would recommend this workshop very highly. Kyndal is experienced and loves what she does… two key ingredients for a teacher, in my opinion.

~ Laura Cox, R.N.

Kyndal’s heart for mothers is beautiful and she is a gifted teacher. It was a fabulous training.

~ Molly Uhlenhoff