The model

“(Confident Birthing) is a kind of…‘best practices’ childbirth class.” Georgianna Ainslie, CNM, (Certified Nurse-Midwife), Boise

Effective educators will tell you… they are always in process. Like effective doulas, parents, healthcare providers… OK… like all effective people…we are always in the process of growing, developing, becoming better at whatever we do… becoming better at being who we are.

So no matter where you are in your process, The Baby Bump Childbirth Education Platform™ provides you with a platform to start facilitating couples’ learning about birth in a uniquely empowering and fun childbirth education series. Perfect for doulas and other birth professionals who are just starting teaching as well as experienced childbirth educators looking for a fresh way to present the material you know well, this platform includes a Facilitator’s Guide, reproducible Study Guide and Lesson Plans with over 20 hours of instruction.

The Baby Bump Childbirth Education Platform is available UNTIL MARCH 15, 2015 for $435. + shipping.
Included in the guide, you’ll find:

  • Timed lesson “plans” to help you determine the pace at which you want your sessions to flow
  • Photos to help you visualize the activity or tools you are using
  • Specific languaging to help you engage the students in your classes in participatory learning including sample story-telling options to illustrate a learning objective and sample scripting for some activities
  • Objectives that are designed to be met through attention to diverse learning (and teaching) styles and to keep classes interesting
  • Large group activities, small-group interactive learning, activities that promote connections between class participants and paired activities that provide connection between the expectant parents
  • “Now, Do You” options for activities in each class lesson and additional resources for further developing your teaching tools and style
  • Supply lists for each session and a list of resources for teaching tools and everyday items that make learning fun and accessible, DVD’s, music and more.
  • Facilitator references and resource lists for further exploration and study as you make this platform your own
  • Explanation of the philosophy and evolution of the Baby Bump Childbirth Education Platform (based on the successful Confident Birthing Childbirth Class™ curriculum)
  • Confidence-building affirmations as you use the Baby Bump CBE Platform in a way that works for your facilitation strengths and that incorporates the contributions of the individuals participating in your classes.

This platform presents with you an outline for a complete 7 week session that offers the flexibility to tailor the classes into 6 or 8 week sessions with shorter class times or to create intensive weekend classes, refreshers for repeating parents and stand alone classes which can be used in conjunction with doula services, for reaching a broader audience or marketing your series.

Approaching topics in a fun new way you’ll engage expectant parents and cover the following topics:

  • Essential confidence-building for both mother and partner (this is the distinguishing cornerstone of the Baby Bump Childbirth Education Platform)
  • Tips for keeping birth normal
  • Introduction to Normal Labor and Birth
  • Coping Skills & Comfort Measures
  • Interventions, Informed Choice and Self-directed Advocacy
  • A Complete Labor Rehearsal
  • Breastfeeding
  • Postpartum Care and Early Parenting

In addition to the Childbirth Education Lesson Plans (over 20 hour of class time), you will also receive the following:

  • A CD of the Study Guide that you may reproduce for your students and the instructor’s manual
  • The Facilitators Guide
  • Additional Hand-out Options
  • Access to the Facebook page for childbirth educators who are using the platform.

The Baby Bump Childbirth Education Platform is available for purchase for $435. + shipping UNTIL MARCH 15th. Price will increase to $450.00 + shipping at that time.

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Epidural Photos (downloadable from dropbox) $15.00

Cesarean Section Photos (downloadable) $15.00

Informed Choice Card Game with instructions $25.00 + shipping.

Moving to Empathy – Advocacy Empowerment Game with instructions $25.00 + shipping .

COMING SOON…purse size Get to the Need Advocacy Empowerment Card set Price to be determined.

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