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Kyndal has developed an innovative curriculum, teaching it first in Seattle and now over in Boise. When she moved to Boise, I purchased a license to use her curriculum, which was the best money I’ve ever spent!

~ Liz Chalmers, BirthZone, Creator of the Labor Simulator

Kyndal’s Confident Birthing curriculum reaches far beyond the logistics of labor and birth – to a place where relationships are nurtured and confidence is built. Because of Kyndal, I don’t just teach a class, I strengthen my community.

Idaho Falls Magazine blurb on Katy Rawlin’s starting to teach Confident Birthing.

Katy Rawlins, Birth and Postpartum Doula

Kyndal May teaches one of the best childbirth classes I know of. I don’t know of a more well-rounded class. I can say I’m a better childbirth educator and doula for having been through her class as well.

~ Anastacia Townsend, Bradley Childbirth Educator, mother of 6

Our loss is Boise’s gain. You have been a huge contributor to the well-being of families in the Greater Seattle area. I do hope you will be able to continue your work in Boise because you have so much to offer. Please know that you have left a wonderful mark here.

~ Penny Simkin, Co-Founder of DONA, author of Pregnancy, Childbirth & the Newborn and The Birth Partner

Over the years, my involvement and leadership on the boards of Pacific Association for Labor Support and Seattle Midwifery School gave me opportunities to interact with Kyndal in her various leadership roles with the Puget Sound Birth Center. In more recent years, our relationship centered around the ethnographic research I conducted for Lamaze International on childbirth education.

Kyndal is a very effective teacher. We have had long discussions about her teaching philosophy and her evolving curriculum in childbirth education. A couple of highlights and personal examples I have observed from her teaching: I was struck at how much movement Kyndal incorporates into her childbirth education classes, compared to others I have observed, even those directed primarily at women desiring un-medicated birth. She told me she used to teach CBE with just movement, no lecture, but gradually evolved to a blend of both.

Kyndal employs a number of memorable catch phrases, one of these is ‘hang on your bones’. She also developed several unique and innovative partner support positions (that really need to be documented and shared with others), that are difficult to describe in words, but that embody the twin goals of addressing the physical comfort needs of the woman with the emotional and embodied presence of the partner.” Christine Morton, PhD, Research Sociologist, Doula

Read more about ChristineMorton’s research and her observations on doulas as childbirth educators in Lamaze International’s Blog Science and Sensibility.

~ Christine M.


Childbirth Educators using the Baby Bump CBE Platform

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