What’s Different Here

What’s Different Here

Talk with any successful professional and neary all will tell you that their training prepared them to enter their career where the real learning took place. Not everyone wants to hear it, but nearly every profession is on-the-job training to some degree. Childbirth education is no different. What IS different is that this platform was created by an experienced childbirth educator and is a proven product. It was sought after before it was available so now you’ll have a structure that allows you to hit the ground running.

So, start now! You can use the Baby Bump Childbirth Education Platform and begin teaching to learn while learning to teach. ™ Click here to see what you get! This 7 session childbirth education model is not a method or technique. It is a platform for exploring birth options in private settings or in groups. It is a jumping off place for you as a facilitator to bring your gifts and insights to the table to share with the expectant families who come to you. You can explore how I have designed my class but let’s talk about what might be in YOUR childbirth class.

As an active doula, you will bring your experience with birth to your sessions. You’ll cultivate confidence using moments from birth stories to illustrate and illuminate the information you want to share with your families. If you are a yoga instructor, you might cultivate compassion/self-acceptance and bodymind awareness through yoga. If you are a nutritionist, you might incorporate learning activities around snacks, cultivating community through recipes or meal plans for pregnancy or postpartum. If speaking to groups comes easily for you, you’ll introduce full concepts to your participants in entertaining and engaging ways, but if you are less likely to stand in front of a group in an impromptu situation, then you may choose to create your sessions around group activities that invite even more participation from your “students”.

Basically, when you license this platform you’ll incorporate who you are and, within your childbirth classes: NOW, DO YOU!

Speaking of “doing you”, this is good place to mention that licensing this platform has been an exercise in “doing Kyndal” for me. I knew there was a desire among others to use my model and I knew I wanted to respond to that need, but I had to do that in a way that felt right to me. I spent a long time trying to figure out the whys and hows of doing this and good deal of that time was spent trying to fit my vision into other peoples’ expectations. While I hung out in that nonsense a while…I was paralyzed. Then I realized, I didn’t do that when I created and started teaching my Confident Birthing Class so why I am doing it now? As soon as I went back to “doing me”, the flow returned and here we are. Just a thought to ponder as you consider how you will use this model to facilitate your own classes.