For Expectant Parents

For Expectant Parents

Feeling excited? Joyful? Surprised? A little anxious? Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed because maybe it’s really “all of the above”? Needing information and effective skills? Confidence? Support? Peace of Mind? Well, welcome! You’ve come to the right place!


Pregnancy can be a uniquely intense and joyful time and many parents experience a wide spectrum of emotions around the challenges and choices, the preparations and responsibilities.

I’m so glad you found Baby Bump Services and my Confident Birthing Childbirth Class because I love celebrating all the changes, acknowledging all your feelings and exploring all the possibilities with you.

So… I am here to help, to come along side you – sharing information and support, connecting you with some outside resources, and…more important…connecting you with your own inner resources because while you don’t feel it yet… you are more ready than you think!

See that? Helping you feel confident is what it’s about! So what’s next? Take a great childbirth class!