What Parents are Saying


During the first half of my pregnancy, both my husband and I were unsure as to if we needed a doula during our birth. But as we got closer to our due date, I started to realize how important that support would be for both of us. During the labor and birth process, Kyndal did a phenomenal job in holding the space for my husband and me. She was there physically and emotionally when we needed her, yet knew when and how to give us space at the moments when it was most important. For me, she was like a personal attendant that always seemed to know when I needed a drink of water, some food, the right comfort measure, or the perfect words of encouragement. And at the times when I was being asked to do something physically that seemed beyond my ability, she had a gentle yet commanding way of guiding me through that was incredibly helpful. Her knowledge and experience is extensive and is apparent through every element of her work. But most importantly, my husband and I were able to feel completely connected at every moment and we we are incredibly greatful to Kyndal for supporting the space to do this.

Jessica Grandhandt

I hired Kyndal at the last minute – less than a week before I gave birth! I had decided at 8 and a half months to do a home birth and decided that getting the most experienced doula possible was a good idea. In fact I wasn’t SURE It was necessary – I was having 2 midwives present, but hiring Kyndal turned out to be the best decision I could have made. From the moment she arrived, she knew exactly what I should do to best cope with my labor. She showed me positions, even holding me in several, coaxed me through ones I really didn’t want to do, encouraged vocalizations, massaged me, applied cool rags, you name it, she did it. I had lots of other help available, but it was Kyndal I relied on and… I can’t imagine having done it without her! My boy was born at home 20 hours after contractions began, happy and healthy. It was a wonderful beginning. And it has only gotten better since!

Maya W.

Our birth experience was very challenging, and ultimately involved over 40 hours of active labor. There are not enough words to adequately share just how much her constant presence, support, and guiding wisdom helped us through perhaps the most difficult night of our lives and into perhaps our greatest joy. Kyndal worked seamlessly with a team of midwives, and with us, to provide whatever was needed at any given moment (and there were many). She was a true servant to our birthing process, and always honored our wishes. Ultimately, we were able to have our daughter naturally, but had it not been for Kyndal and the midwives, we would likely have forfeited our desire for natural childbirth and gone to the hospital. We cannot recommend Kyndal more highly to any couple hoping to have someone serve them, their birthing experience ideal, and honor the sacred process.

~ Greg M.

Kyndal is warm, professional, extremely competent and knowledgeable, and more than that, she has a deep and intuitive understanding of birth and the course mothers travel on their journey through labor.

~ Tiffany Clayton

Kyndal gave us space to reassure ourselves, increase our confidence and gain tools for the experience of birth. Kyndal’s ability to share her knowledge allowed Whitnee and I to recognize and understand what it meant to have a positive birth experience. During the birth process Kyndal was nurturing and supportive of our needs and desires. She was able to help both Whitnee and myself make the right decisions and guide us in a physical, mental and emotionally safe and moving way. It was very evident that Kyndal had been down this road before and in many ways, Whitnee and I believe that she was the best guide for us. Kyndal was a tremendous, inexhaustible and calm resource.

~ Michael Schwartz


Kyndal has such a passion for the work she does – it’s contagious! My husband and I felt relatively ‘lost’ in the early part of our pregnancy. Upon first meeting Kyndal, her passion, knowledge and ability to inspire purpose and confidence in us was amazing. She knows exactly when to be present at the birth and when her help is needed and also when to just let the couple have their space. Kyndal is absolutely outstanding in her level of professionalism and the care she takes with her clients.

~ Ashley Hickerson