Take a Great Childbirth Class

Take a Great Childbirth Class

Confident Birthing combines brain-training science, physiology & physics, relaxation & mindful movement with evidence-based information for mastering informed choice.
Research in strong relationships and parenting is woven into the preparations for birth and postpartum making the class especially meaningful for both parents.


Let’s start with these reasons below. Then you can check out what is covered in the class, read what parents who have been there before are saying and even peek inside the class a little bit.

So, why would you choose to take the Confident Birthing Childbirth Class?

Because most women remember their births and while our culture has forgotten that birth matters, mothers haven’t. From the time we become pregnant we are wondering, consciously or unconsciously…what will labor be like? Can I do this?

In Confident Birthing, we put it another way… what will make your birth a satisfying experience? You’ll explore the essential qualities of a satisfying birth, determine what really matters to you and get specific, practical tools to help you achieve it.

Because it is true: “If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any.” (Korte) And nothing proves that more than a cesarean section of rate of over 30% and rising. Used appropriately, technology can support mothers and babies, but routine interventions carry more than “routine” risks.

In Confident Birthing, we use a variety of methods to introduce and reinforce informed choice. Using current research and a powerful and proven communication style, we engage you in the process and help you navigate choices in a real and empowering way.

Because in a culture that seems determined to approach birth with fear, it’s refreshing and reassuring to hear how wonderfully made your body and the process of normal birth actually is.

There is a reason it is called Confident Birthing and it is so rewarding to watch the transformation that happens in the class as each woman develops a real appreciation and trust in her body and the process of normal birth.

Because your partner (and maybe you, too) can name at least 3 things you think you would rather do than 7 weeks of childbirth education.

Yep, we know this and it may be the primary reason this class is right for you. See, here’s the thing… boredom inhibits learning so the Confident Birthing childbirth class was designed as a unique personal exploration and discovery process with the very clear understanding that… (and this is really important)… people tend to learn better when they are laughing, which leads us to the next reason…

Because you’d take “haute couture” over “prêt-â-porter” any day! It’s a fashion analogy, guys… let us explain: Confident Birthing classes are not “ready-to-wear; off-the-rack, one-method-fits all” classes. They are custom-designed, using high-quality instruction and made specifically to order… for you.

Mom, you will discover your own unique way of using your breath and your body, in the way that works best for you. You’ll identify the ways you have of being that are deeply rooted and familiar to you and learn to use them as practical tools to help you through labor and birth.

You’ll determine what is most important to you and discover new meaning and values that, together with your partner, you’ll integrate into your personal strength during your birth and at home with your new baby as well.

Dad, you’ll learn how to be her greatest support and you’ll learn specific ways to bring who YOU are to both the birth and to your baby in a way that is most helpful to her, rewarding to you and sustaining to you all.

Together, you’ll learn what is needed to deepen your connection to each other and your baby and the proven tools that are needed to strengthen your relationship and lay the foundation for growing your family in a way that is satisfying for all of you.

Because coming to Confident Birthing has an element of “date night” about it. We celebrate mothers and fathers and your partnership in parenting is strengthened through the process.

In Confident Birthing, the skills you are practicing to support mom during the birth translates to caring for your baby when you get home. And the approach you will learn in being present with your baby is just as powerful in preserving your relationship with each other.

Because you don’t parent in isolation, you don’t need to learn about birth and parenting in isolation.

At Confident Birthing you’ll meet other like-minded parents from the Treasure Valley and have the opportunity in every class get to know them better if that is what you want.

Because over 4000 families have used what they discovered in Confident Birthing and they tell us what they learned here enabled them to feel confident in their birth and satisfied with their experience whether they gave birth at home, in a free-standing birth center or in the hospital.

More than concepts and techniques, what we are doing in Confident Birthing comes from having an instructor who is experienced and engaged in the birth community – working with women and their partners in all settings, with all kinds of care providers.

Because choosing your childbirth educator is as important as choosing your maternity care provider.

Kyndal May has over 4000 hours teaching childbirth education and has attended over 300 births. Her knowledge as a facilitator is informed by her hands-on experience as a doula. Each new discovery she makes of the unique and wonderful ways women labor and give birth and the amazing ways their partners love and support them… she brings back to share with you. For class dates and times, check out the home page.