Take a Great Childbirth Class

Take a Great Childbirth Class

Why take a Confident Birthing Childbirth Class? Because you want the best preparation available as you start this journey as parents. Now which Confident Birthing class should you take – the 7-week Series or the One-and-Done Labor Lab?

The 7-week series: (taught in SE Boise at the Lotus Tree in Bown Crossing)
What if you could take the time you invest in preparation for the labor and birth and at the same time, strengthen the relationship with your partner? 
What if the things you learned in your childbirth class actually helped you learn more about yourself and your partner to have a stronger relationship as you enter parenthood together? That is what happens in the 7 week series.

In addition to learning how to navigate whatever the birth might bring, you learn how to navigate life together with new baby. For over a decade, that has made the  investment worth every penny and every minute for hundreds of couples in the Treasure Valley.
This class includes a breastfeeding class with International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Lynnelle King, IBCLC.

One of my students said the 7 week Confident Birthing class “is perfect for folks who enjoy a pour over coffee.”  I loved that analogy because it speaks to the fact that it takes time to learn about something so new and so meaningful as the birth of your baby and becoming parents. It takes time to discover what you value as parents and to invest in each other as partners.

The 7 week class meets from 7-10pm with a snack break in each class.

The Labor Lab (taught in Eagle at the Eagle Montessori Academy)
What if you could get just the labor and birth preparation that the 7-week series provides in a one evening class and then practice at home?  Inspired by a previous Confident Birthing Class, The Labor Lab, The One-and-Done Labor Lab is an innovative, experiential and fun evening of learning and practice. Focusing only on the labor and birth experience you’ll go home with dozens of hands-on options, positions and personalized focus and coping tools as well as a proven process for making informed choices that meet your personal needs.

So, if the 7 week series is perfect for the pour-over coffee lover, the intensive class is for the person who needs to “order my coffee and pay through the app on my phone and skip the drive-through line to pick up my coffee”.  You still want a superior cup of coffee, you just need it fast.  You’re sure that pour over is lovely – you might even enjoy one on the weekend, but this is what works best for you now.

The Labor Lab meet one time only and class is from 7:00-10:00pm with no break. 

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Still need a little more info?  Read more on each class below.

The 7 -week comprehensive class series is perfect for …

~ Parents who appreciate that we celebrate their partnership in parenting and strengthen their connection to each other through the process of preparing to welcome their baby.  

The skills you are practicing for the birth translate to caring for your baby when you get home. And the approach you will learn in being present with your baby is just as powerful in preserving and improving your relationship with each other.

Confident Birthing Class becomes “date night” and it is extremely common for Confident Birthing parents to repeat the class with baby #2 as they want that time to re-connect and re-focus on each other and on this new member of the family.

Most commonly heard statement #1: “We had no idea it would bring us so much closer to each other and strengthen our relationship.”

~ Parents who love to learn…in lots of different ways – preferably really fun ways.

Here is just a little view of one of our classes.

Most commonly heard statement #2: We didn’t know how much fun we would have here.”

~ Parents who’ve done their homework and are still blown away but how much more there was to learn.

Confident Birthing parents are smart. They do their homework on care providers, birth locations and doulas.  Many read – a lot – of books about birth and parenting. Some don’t read any books about birth or parenting – at all.

Some come because their care provider highly recommended it.  Many come because they know so many people who’ve taken the class.

Most commonly heard statement #3: “We had no idea how much we didn’t know!”

~ Parents who know they don’t want to parent in isolation and prefer not to learn about birth and parenting in isolation.

This is about the point when people realize that the “village” it takes to raise a child is not for the child – it’s for the parents.

Over 4000 families tell us what they learned in Confident Birthing enabled them to feel confident in their birth and satisfied with their experience whether they gave birth at home, in a free-standing birth center or in the hospital and whether their baby was born vaginally or needed to be born via cesarean.

And this is when we hear the 4th most common statement:
“We wish everyone would/could take this class.”

The Confident Birthing Labor Lab is for parents who…

~ would love to attend the comprehensive course but know that isn’t possible in their lives today. We’ve figured out a way to meet your needs that doesn’t compromise Confident Birthing’s standards for providing a powerfully effective and meaningful childbirth preparation experience.

~ want great tools to use in labor that will translate to being home with baby. The Confident Birthing One-And-Done class is a “labor lab” of sorts. You’ll explore dozens of options to discover the best tools for your personal needs and preferences.

~ want to learn in a fun and memorable way. Movement and breath, coping and motivation mindset, as well as comfort measures and positions for labor and birth are practiced in the experiential “birth rehearsal” unique to Confident Birthing.

~ value being well prepared for all that birth might bring. This is more than a comfort measures class.  You’ll learn how to navigate the unexpected using a the Confident Birthing informed choice process in a new and interesting way.

~ have taken Confident Birthing or another class before and need a refresher.  Refresh your knowledge and skills or be better prepared this time around – you’ve got littles at home and need the option of a ‘one and done’ and are happy it’s Confident Birthing this time!

There is value to choosing your childbirth educator as carefully as you choose your care provider…

What makes Confident Birthing such a popular and effective class comes from having an instructor who personally has over 20 years experience and is consistently engaged and working in the birth community with women and their partners in all settings, with all kinds of care providers.

Kyndal May has over 4000 hours teaching childbirth education and has attended well over 350 births.

“Her gift as a master facilitator is informed by her hands-on experience as a doula and parent educator and she turns her voracious love of learning into practical tips for you – taught in ways you’ll never forget.”

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