What People Are Saying

Brian and I just wanted to thank you for the awesome classes. We both learned so much. It really helps me feel ahead of the game. Brian really enjoyed your enthusiasm for your teaching. He said you are funny and very easy to listen to. We are prepared for the unexpected (you just never know how it will play out)… we now feel we have a great toolbox to draw from. And had a wonderful time in the class. Thanks again.

Marissa & Brian

We absolutely loved your class! We both learned so much. Sarah took copious notes, and I felt as though I was hanging on every world for 7 weeks. Thanks for imparting your knowledge and passion, and we will look forward to seeing you again as well.

Greg M.

Kyndal May teaches one of the best childbirth classes I know of. She will prepare you very well for home, birth center or a hospital birth. I don’t know of a more well-rounded class. I can say I’m a better childbirth educator and doula for having been through her class as well.

~ Anastacia Townsend, Bradley Childbirth Educator, mother of 6

My clients who take Kyndal’s class know what to expect, what to do and aren’t afraid of labor.

~ Sue Thompson, Licensed Midwife

We were so impressed with Kyndal’s first Confident Birthing class that we easily made the decision to give away our Michael Franti tickets so that we could attend the second class! Kyndal’s teaching was completely engaging and there was nothing we wanted to do more than to continue to learn from her.

~ Becky M.

I took a 4 week course (the first time) and a 8 week class with my son, now 4. For my daughter’s birth, I took a Bradley class and now your one day intensive. Out of all those classes I got the most out of your class even though it was one day (and I wished I would have taken your longer version). You will make a difference.

~ Krista N.

We didn’t know what to expect from labor and how to accomplish having that satisfying birth experience, and the preparation from your class was a roadmap to getting there. Knowing what to expect was worth the world to us!

~ Angela H.

We just wanted to thank you for the classes. We used nearly everything (I’m not joking). I especially want to say that the part about making choices during different and sometime difficult stages of the birth was the most useful.

~ Mike, Townsend’s dad

I think your class is really important for women choosing a hospital birth. I have spoken to women who went in blind and had no idea what to expect or how to participate in their own experience and care – and when they learn that it could have been different, they are disappointed as if no one told them. As a result of Confident Birthing, I felt I knew the questions to ask my caregivers at every stage, in any circumstances, and that my partner also had that knowledge, and this made me feel confident and comfortable.

~ Andrea C.

In the beginning, we hesitated because it was a big time committment and it was more expensive than other classes we have seen. After the first class, we realized that there was a lot we did not know about child birth. Before, my mindset was… ‘I’ll try it natural and we’ll see how it goes.’ After taking Confident Birthing I am sure that I can do it. I know what to expect and I am going into my birth well informed, well prepared and well supported.

~ Melissa D.

The first class alone was worth the price I paid for the entire course.

~ Jade S.

I’m the guy that doesn’t like sitting in classes and doesn’t like weekly commitments. I was not really looking forward to taking any class, let alone a birthing class. I was only doing it for my wife. Fifteen minutes into the class I was very surprised to find myself really enjoying the Confident Birthing class. Kyndal did an amazing job making me feel needed and valuable to my wife’s labor experience. I enjoyed every single class that followed and actually looked forward to our weekly commitment. The food helped, too!

~ Clint Petty

We have share our birth experience a lot because people are surprised that we feel so good about an experience that was so different from what we planned. Convincing us that we need to be informed of all the options (even though I closed my eyes during the epidural video) is essential to being a professional, outstanding instructor. You certainly fit the bill. We would not have floated through like we did. You rock!

~ Hope R.

I just wanted to thank you so much for letting me attend your child birthing classes. WOW, you are an incredible teacher, your enthusiasm and passion for what you do is very visible in each and every class you taught. You always held and kept my attention in each and every class, where I was hanging onto each and every word you said. You have a way of capturing people with your energy level and enthusiasm for the whole child birth experience. It was just amazing and I wanted you to know.

~ Kyndal B., doula

We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your class. You are such a wonderful teacher-you presented the info so clearly and your passion made the class fun and interesting.

~ Donnianne N., R. N.

As a husband, I definitely feel much more connected to my wife than I have in a long time. As a father, I realize how naturally disconnected we can be through the pregnancy and birth. But with increased knowledge and awareness, provided by Confident Birthing, I have as much investment in our relationship and our child as I could. Jami and I both experienced a dramatic paradigm shift in our opinions of childbirth in your Confident Birthing Class. It was challenging but as we digested more information we gained greater confidence to challenge the many misconceptions that have long been reinforced by family and friends. It was well worth overcoming those fears and we matched our own values to our birth plan.

~ Garry L.

I think Confident Birthing forced us to engage, communicate and trust each other more. We had to address our fears head on which was for the best.

~ Jami L.

My labor went really well. Because I was well prepared for what was going to happen, I was able to go through labor without any medication whatsoever. We used a lot of the techniques learned in class. And no episiotomy! Thank you so much for all of your help!

Tammy R.

We really enjoyed your class. My husband really gained a lot of confidence in his ability to help me. And I feel my own personal confidence in my body restored. Thanks for reminding me of my abilities.

~ Sarah B.