What to Expect?

What to Expect

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In Confident Birthing™
You’ll Discover…

  • Your own personal birthing “style”
  • The single greatest factor that affects your birthing and what your partner can do about it
  • The 10 best ways dads show up for the birth AND the baby
  • How to identify expectations and influence satisfaction
  • The common language that connects BodyMind and MotherBaby to move through your birth with ease-and how to use it at home with your newborn too
  • The Neuromatrix of Pain and how to modulate it
  • Four essential ingredients in the Confident Birthing “Recipe for Relaxation”.
  • Penny Simkin’s “3 Rs” of labor and the Confident Birthing “4th R”
  • The Confident Birthing “themes” of the stages of labor and how to work with them successfully
  • 4 “secret truths” they didn’t teach you in school (and your mom never told you) about your pregnant and birthing body that you’ll be so glad you know
  • The #1 comfort measure for an unmedicated birth (and lots more that fit in a bag)
  • The Checklist for Leaving… 5 indicators that tell you its time to go to the birth center or hospital
  • The 3 must-have pieces of information for marking progress in labor – an essential motivating tool
  • The Purpose and Pitfalls of a birth plan… how to really ask for what you need
  • i-advocacy… Confident Birthing’s step by step method to mapping your way through unknown territory – avoiding unnecessary interventions and navigating the necessary ones
  • The truth about a Cesarean Birth – what you need to know and why – including how to have a successful, satisfying cesarean birth if that is what is needed
  • How you put it all together in the Confident Birthing Labor Lab
  • The significance of your baby’s first hour of life… how to optimize those moments that can’t be repeated
  • Breasts and Nests… postpartum DIY: how to create ease and comfort for nursing moms
  • The common “booby-traps” and bumps in the road… Binkies, Bottles and Breasts…OH MY!
  • Practical skills to surviving Baby Boot Camp
  • Proven tips to seize this window of opportunity to strengthen your relationship and most important…
  • How to find YOUR question… what do YOU need to know to feel confident to give birth and parent YOUR baby
  • Each week, you’ll bring your burning questions… so we won’t miss anything you need


Class fee is $225.00
7 week course meets on Monday nights in Southeast Boise OR Tuesday nights in Eagle from 7:00 – 10:00pm

Confident Birthing is a 7-week course. Most folks start their Confident Birthing Class series sometime between the 26th and 32th of the pregnancy. Since the class is 7 weeks long, you’ll be timing it to finish the class close to your due date.

For dates and registration forms, check here. Class locations: Lotus Tree Boise-Bown Crossing on Monday nights and Eagle Montessori Academy on Thursday nights. Directions are sent to you upon registration.