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Epidural Procedure



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A bolus of intravenous fluids 1/2 to 1 liter, is administered to increase blood volume to reduce the likelihood of a severe drop in blood pressure. This usually takes anywhere from 20-40 minutes

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The epidural is a sterile procedure.

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Anesthetic is prepared for numbing the skin

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Medication is drawn up for test dose

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Antiseptic wash is applied to cleanse the area.

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Drape is placed to create sterile field.

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Anesthesiologist or Nurse Anesthetist locates the desired vertebral space in the low back.

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Anesthetic is injected to numb the skin.

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Epidural Needle is injected slowly and carefully.

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The epidural needle is hollow and will not remain in the back during the labor (a common misconception).

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Test dose is administered.

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Laboring mother usually sits on edge of bed, with shoulders slumped or rounded. Blood pressure cuff and pulse oximeter remain on. Partner or doula may help support the laboring mother during placement.

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Needle is slowly and carefully inserted.

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The epidural needle is approximately 8 cm long.

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A thin, Teflon catheter is threaded through the epidural needle and guided for direction.

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Great communication between the Nurse Anesthetist and the mother allows for best placement.

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Once sure the needle, catheter are well placed and the test dose well received…

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The epidural needle is removed.

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Only the teflon catheter remains to transport the medication.

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The medication is then injected into the catheter.

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By this time most mothers feel some lessening of intensity of contractions.

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The catheter will then placed up and over the mother’s shoulder.

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Then it will be taped up her back to prevent it being accidentally loosened and removed.

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The catheter will be attached to an infusion pump that drips low concentrations of the medication for consistent pain relief.


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