I am your parent, you are my child

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I am your parent, you are my child

My “babies” are older now…and while I may no longer be their dandelion or their dinner,

I will always be their praying hands and open arms – the finish line to a welcome home.

Much thanks to my friend, “Jorjah B” for sharing her photos here.

We have mutual friends, she and I, all with straps around our necks, cameras dangling from the ends.

We met online when she was newly pregnant with this sweet little “B-Boy”. I admired “how she sees things” and she was taken by the images of birth I captured as she was preparing for that journey herself.

Today, I found myself back at her blog and was so moved by these photos above taken by “papa B” and reminded why I loved visiting and reading her journal entries, written so lovingly for baby B.

I invite you to spend some time and check out just how she sees things.

Thanks Georgia!



  • georgia
    24.10.2012 at 7:53 pm

    i love what you wrote, kyndal. couldn’t have said it better myself when you wrote about how we met. i shared on my fb page today just how much you meant to me during my pregnancy. thank you for this… and for your friendship through these past couple years, and for checking back to see how isaac is from time to time. and most of all, for all that you do for pregnant women… for mamas and their babies!