Just “BE” and you’ll find “YOU ARE”

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Just “BE” and you’ll find “YOU ARE”

In the August BEcoming a Doula™ Training the discovery of the power of being present with a laboring woman and the connection and sense of safety that occurs as a result was a joyful and exciting realization for all the women in the workshop. The collective epiphany of this simple truth was magnified through the experience of the practical ways we do this—starting from our first interactions with a pregnant woman and her partner.

To celebrate and honor the collective appreciation we all had for BEing doulas, Natalie Taylor came to the final day of the workshop with a precious gift for us all. Natalie had gone home to look up the word “be” in Greek and then, in between days of the workshop and being a wife and a mommy to two little people, she made these BE pendants for each of us.

Later, I went home to look up the word as well and was thrilled to see another translation: You ARE. What better take-away for any doula who is wondering how she will best help the laboring woman…she only needs to remember… just BE, and you’ll find… You ARE.


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