What is the “Double Hip Squeeze” and How Do You Do It?

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What is the “Double Hip Squeeze” and How Do You Do It?

In the Confident Birthing Childbirth Class, we learn this comfort measure early and repeat it, building layer upon layer of information in several classes, so birth partners can feel not only comfortable in doing it but also clear about their intention while doing it. For some visual recognition, below are some examples of the double hip squeeze (as well as direct pressure) being practiced in class.

Here are just some of the positions you can do the double-hip squeeze in while in labor (or even in late pregnancy since much of the mobility of the pelvis is already felt and may be contributing some discomfort for mom). Try it! She might really appreciate a little relief from all that pregnancy pressure.

standing leaning over the birth ball

sitting, leaning forward (over the bed, the back of a chair or even the toilet)

placement of hands:

note: this is the higher placement…you may also place your hands lower and toward the middle aiming directly for the sacro-iliac joint. And your thumbs won’t wrap around through the pelvis like this either


on hands and knees

on knees leaning over ball note: laughter in labor is always nice….

until it isn’t anymore :0

below is a variation on the double hip squeeze: direct pressure applied directly over the sacrum


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